Religion 101

Kvetch of the Day Hour

Each religion is fundamentally the same. Hear me out. Religion in and of itself is a structured format set up to shape one’s life according to disciplined guidelines. These guidelines are based off of the example of a revered individual who is considered the cornerstone of desirable behavior and who sets the guidelines for inappropriate behavior.
This explains, in an overgeneralized way, every organized religion on the face of the Earth. The difference is some of the guidelines and how individuals are expected to go about meeting them, or avoiding them as the case may be.
For example, prayer is common in many religions. Christians pray at their churches, before meals, and during crisis. They are also encouraged to pray simply to create a bond with their god. Muslims also pray. Their guidelines for prayer are more structured and disciplined, but they still use it as a means to bring one in touch with their god and to focus the mind on conditioning thoughts and behavior according to the religion’s guidelines.
Buddhism, which does not worship a “god” but instead prophets, also uses prayer and meditation as a way to create a bond with the guidelines and prophets so that the individual may bring their mental focus more in line with said guidelines.
I could go on and list many different religions, but I think you get the idea. I just have one question.
It’s all fundamentally the same. So why are we killing each other over it? Why can we not all agree.. to agree?

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