Bag of Holding Crafty Goodness

ImageThis is currently my crochet project bag.  It holds the yarns, needles, scissors, and finished squares for my current afghan project.

I’ve worked out the details of my afghan, something you’d think I would have done from the beginning, and if I have done the math correctly… I need to make 70 squares in total.  At the moment, the bag is holding 30 squares.  I am almost halfway there.

After finishing the squares, I will need to edge them all in a chosen color (again, something you’d think I would have figured out by now) and then put them all together.  Last but not least, I will do the edging.

I am considering using a white yarn for the border and edging to strike a nice contrast, but am not completely sold on that idea yet…  time will tell.  Sometimes, I don’t figure it out until I am down to putting the blanket together.


A big thank you to my now husband who helped me with my last blanket in which I simply crocheted up a bunch of squares and we worked on finding a pattern after the fact 🙂

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