Lightning and wind and rain, OH MY

The past three days in the MidWest have been full of black skies, strong winds, lightning, and lots of rain.  A couple days ago, my mother and I were out shopping when one such storm rolled in, quite literally out of the blue.  It led to power outages, downed trees, and damaged property.  I have not heard that anyone was injured, thankfully.

Yesterday, the black skies rolled past us.  We were fortunate and did not receive any further damage.  Today, however, the black skies made another visit.  The pictures I have do not do any form of justice (probably because I had to use my very poor phone camera).

We have also been lucky because we have not had a tornado, yet.  People have witnessed funnel clouds, but no tornadoes.  Also, there has been a LOT of lightning.  Bright, loud, sudden lightning.  Is there any other kind?  Well.. no.

Ah, the skies return and it’s time to unplug again.  Stay safe everyone.


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