Vegetarianism for health . . and a little vanity.

Alright, I have decided to try the Vegetarian diet once again and for various reasons.  My weight has been slowly increasing, with occasional dips.  Also, my health has been slowly decreasing with less energy and stamina, more aches and pains, and difficulty with sleep and digestion.  This time, however, I am going to do things a little differently.

First off, I am going to slowly cut out meats beginning with red meat.  I really should not be eating red meats anyway because of liver issues, so this is a good step all-around.  Next, I will work on cutting out chicken (which will be much harder for me), and finally fish (which should be easy). While cutting out foods, I am also going to add foods such as more fruits and vegetables, more protein-alternatives, and different types of carbs such as rice, couscous, etc.

I am also doing a lot more research on the health benefits of such a diet and the possible hazards.  The American Dietetic Association released a paper on the health benefits and pitfalls of a Vegetarian diet.  Linky HERE  I am going to find out which foods cause what and how to avoid or curb such disasters.  For example, eating a diet high in protein can cause a lack of bone density (ADA, 2009).  However, a diet high in fruits and vegetables leads to a diet high in potassium and magnesium, causing better bone density (ADA, 2009).  Alright, so even if not a Vegetarian, more veggies and fruits, less protein.

I have found a lot of interesting research, recipes, and testimonials/support from the website  I am not finished researching, in fact I have just begun.  I plan on eating my normal diet with a little more fruits and veggie intake while simultaneously beginning to stock up on foods that are more in line with a Vegetarian diet.  This way, I can prevent wasting food that I already have which is not in line with Vegetarianism and also slow myself into so it doesn’t feel quite as.. traumatic?

Last of all, I am excited to begin exploring the cuisines of other cultures in my search for protein and carb alternatives.  I’ve always wanted to start cooking more Indian/Chinese-oriented foods.

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