Trees et al

The weather here in the MidWest continues to be oppressively hot and humid.  We endured some very nasty storms over the weekend, and they left their permanent mark on the landscape (and some roofs) of our small town.

The View

View to a downed tree

This tree used to be rather large.  It took the city crews a couple of days to cut it down into manageable logs so that it was no longer in the road.

Log Pile

Pile of logs

Here’s the pile of the “manageable logs”.  They are taller than I am!  I think the residents will have plenty of fire wood this winter.

Tree Down

The leftover trunk of the tree

Here is what is left of what was once a beautiful tree.  I am not sure if it was the lightning or the 90 plus mile per hour winds that knocked it down, but it did a great job.

Along with the storms, the ever-lasting drought has caused damage to the neighborhood trees as well.

Shedding Tree

A tree shedding its bark

These trees by the local library are actually shedding several layers of bark.

At first, I thought maybe this particular species of tree simply shed its bark but I do not ever remember seeing it.. at least not to this extent.  There are also several other trees in the local parks and along the nature trails that seem to be doing the same thing.  They are not just shedding the top layer of bark as some “shaggy” types will do.  They are shedding several layers.  You will find the curled up pieces of bark along sidewalks and nature trails, totally dried out and crispy from the heat.

On a side note, despite the heat some gardens are doing wonderfully well this Summer.  I had to snap a shot of these lovely black-eyed susans.

Black-Eyed Susans

I found these beauties in a neighbors garden but, surprisingly, my garden is doing pretty good too.  I guess the secret is a lot of sunshine, a lot of heat, and a lot of water.


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