Growing up or Getting old?

I just turned 30 back in June and it doesn’t bug me one bit.  Nothing in my life has changed since the Earth rotated around the sun one more time.  Well, I did get married in February…  but we were already committed (committable?) to one another so it felt more like just doing paperwork than anything.

I have, however, noticed some key differences in my behavior since, oh, five years ago.  I don’t like to listen to music all day long and I enjoy spans of peace where all I hear is the noise from the neighborhood.  I can’t stand to constantly be “plugged in”.  I have to turn off the tv, computer, etc.. for a little while and just relax. 

Five years ago I was a technological multi-tasking fool.  I would be watching tv, watching something funny on the computer, chatting with friends, texting, making something in Photoshop, etc.  All at the same time.  As if I was going to miss out on something if I didn’t do as much as possible in every give moment.  A couple years of juggling college and a full time job has taught me otherwise.  All I’ll miss out on is sanity.

Where is all this going? you may ask.  Well, I am not simply growing wiser (haha), I’m gettingolder. Replace the word “hippie” with “wigger” and you have my current motto.

“Turn down that music! While you’re at it, listen to REAL music for a change!”

“Mow your friggin lawn instead of sitting on your porch all day, drinking beer!”

“Get a friggin haircut.”  “Pull those pants up.”  I do NOT want to see if you write your name on your underwear and I especially don’t need to see if you’ve showered in intimate places today. 

While we’re at it: “Please, for the love of all that is good in the Universe, wear clothes that fit!”

Alright, I am now officially old.  Not because my odometer has clicked over to the magic number of 30.. No, I am old because I completely do not understand the younger generation.  Sorry folks, you’re on your own.


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