It’s Hotter than Heck!

The heat wave in my small part of the world continues.  It is supposed to break tonight with the promise of severe thunderstorms (Please YES!), but I am not holding my breath.

The small town I live in is like a meteorological bubble.  Usually, whenever rain is forecasted it glides around this small town.  It is even visible on the radar map and can be cruelly amusing to watch the green blobs break to go around the town and then come back together on the radar screen.

The good part of this is that we hardly ever get severe weather.  I’ve posted about some of the damage this town has received in the past few weeks from severe thunderstorms, but it is unusual for this town.  Not this entire areal, mind you,just this town.   At any rate, there are some .. er.. things that seem to be enjoying the heat.  Let’s take a look:

Kitty on the porch

Kitty on the cement porch

My cat did NOT like the heat when it first showed up.. back in May.  She would go outside for about five minutes, start panting like a dog, and then demand to be let back in just long enough to cool down.. before wanting back out.  Now, she’s gotten used to the heat (tell me the secret!) and enjoys sitting on the porch for hours.  Yup, hours.  She’ll come back in for a few minutes to cool off in front of the fan and get some water.. and then it’s back out onto the porch. Or in the yard to watch some birds walk around.  I guess it’s too hot to kill things.


Small Garden

My garden seems to be doing pretty well this year.  I am surprised because I am not the best with plants.  I try hard to water them in the evening so as not to shock them and I make sure to give them lots of water.  About every night, they are thirsty for more.  It seems that Marigolds and Celadonas? love heat and sun.  I know that Miss Marigold is very hardy, but I was uncertain about the other.  The Snapdragon does not seem to be proliferating as well as I would like, but he’s not lagging too far behind the others.


Petunias and Marigolds

Petunias did NOT like the heat.  We almost lost  her when we thought it would be alright to stick Miss Petunia out on the Shepard’s hook in the middle of the yard in full sun and water her every-other day.  Oh no, Miss Petunia has a very specific regiment.  First of all, she must be kept in shade in such oppressive heat.  Direct sunlight under these conditions can be deadly.  Also, it is important to water Miss Petunia at least every night.  Despite this, she doesn’t like to stick to a diet and will demand more watering sessions.  We have since been able to save her.. but we’ll see how long she fares so well in this heat.

And yes, I have personified my garden.  I find it helps me to want to take care of them.  It don’t really think of them as “people” (come on now).  It just reminds me of the Alic in Wonderland animated movie where she’s walking around with the flowers.. Thank God I don’t have Pansies!


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