Trees et al: Update

The heat wave in the MidWest continues.  Today, the actual temperature reached 100 with a heat index of 104 in my area.  I know I shouldn’t complain because we are not experiencing flooding, wild fires, etc.  A little drought should be alright as long as we get some rain soon.. and, fortunately for us, the Weather Man says that rain is on the way.

SO, before the new storms arrive I thought I’d tie up the loose ends from the old storms.  Here’s the updated information from the latest severe weather to hit this area.

It’s always the trees.  Even when it’s roof damage, it’s usually wind or trees.  One of the many local parks experienced this with our latest storm last weekend.  This park is filled with very old, large trees that happen to also be very tall.  This is awesome because it makes this the ideal park to play at and celebrate family reunions, birthdays, and other special occasions.  Even in this record heat, the large trees at the park keep it much cooler and the kiddos sure enjoy playing there!

Unfortunately, the main out-building that is used for picnicking, grilling, and that houses the restrooms was destroyed when one of these trees fell on the roof.  Of course I have pictures!

Scene of the crime

Scene of the crime

They have the entire out-building and fallen tree sectioned off with scene-of-the-crime tape.  It is kind of fitting.

The  mighty have fallen

The mighty tree has fallen

I can’t imagine the sound this tree must have made when it fell.  Oh yes, if no one was around to hear it I am sure it still made a horrendous sound.

Whats left

What is left of the standing tree

This is a poor angle, I apologize.  This is, however, what is left of the standing tree.  As you can see (maybe) the part that fell on the roof was a larger section of the tree. Some of the trees in this area choose to shoot off about midway up the trunk and so it looks like they are split in two.  The wind or lightning simply took down one of these splits – taking down about half the tree.

Damaged Roof

It took the Fiddler with it

The entire building has been decimated.  I think the city is leaving things the way they are until the heat wave ends.

It was THIS big

It is a multi-person hug tree

This isn’t super large for a tree by any means.  But in this part of the Midwest, we have stifling hot summers and freezing cold winters, so the tress don’t have a great deal of growth time.  This is a larger tree for this park, but is not one of the larger ones in the park.  There are well over 20 trees in this park, about an acre of land.  Again, not really unusual throughout the US, but this is farmland.  It is unusual to see an area like this here.  The lady in the picture was a passerby in the park so I blurred her face so as not to offend her.

Well, that is all for the trees in this area for now.  If the storms DO hit tonight and are severe enough, I’m sure there will be more fallen tree pictures.  Until then, adios!


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