I geek Storms

I love storms.  Rain, wind, hail, black skies… tornadoes, tropical storms, hurricanes.  I love it all.

I grew up in an area termed “Tornado Alley”.  We would have at least one tornado every summer.  I remember seeing them from a very early age as if it were nothing.  It probably didn’t help that my father was an avid stormchaser and would take my brother and I on such chases.  Don’t worry, it was safe.. I was buckled into my carseat.  Seriously though, he wouldn’t take us along on storms that got bad, he would take us home first.

At any rate, I am used to seeing inclement weather.  Living in Tornado Alley as well as living in Florida for a short time has allowed me to experience such meteorological occurrences as tornadoes, large hail, damaging “straight” winds, severe electrical storms, tropical storms, and even hurricanes.

Oh my, hurricanes.  I lived in Florida for two years before wising up and realizing that the hurricane season, flood season, fire season, etc… just didn’t make up for the view.  My family and I were in Florida for the whole Hurricane Charley, Irene, Jean fiasco.  I think we had 4 hurricanes in 6 to 8 weeks.  At one point, we stopped unpacking the car because we would just have to turn around and pack it back up again.  I complain about cold showers now but it was the only way to cool off in the blistering heat when the storm left all power out.

The funny things about hurricanes is that they spawn tornadoes.  Why is this funny?  Florida is swamp land and sand.  There is nothing to build a basement in.  Where do you go when the tornado sirens sound?  On your front porch, getting to know your neighbors better as you all watch the darkening skies.

The best part about the hurricane experience was being packed into a storm shelter with hundreds of strangers, returning on a prayer that your home was alright, and dealing with the leftover weather.  One time, we were sent home prematurely in the eye of the hurricane.  The tail end of the storm is the worst part of it.  I remember how the house shook and rocked back and forth all night long.  My poor mother nearly had a heart attack for worrying but I made a better choice.  I went to sleep.  I survived so it must have worked out ok.  Another hurricane and we found out that we had contracted scabies from one of the lovely families sharing the shelter with us.  Ugh *shudder*.  I can’t stand those things.

The best part of storms?  The sky.  It becomes a canvas.  It turns from mellow blue, to violent black, and then to warning sign lime green.  The colors!  I could stand to make a living chasing storms.. I just don’t think I’d like being packed like sardines for the rest of my life.


For more info about the various types of Tornado Alleys, check out Weather Commentary.


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