Reprieve without Rain

Alas, the oppressive heat has broken like a nasty fever.  The air isn’t quite as thick with moisture and it feels so decently “warm” (as opposed to stifling hot) that I washed the car today.. by hand.. outside.  Awesome.

Not so awesome: No rain.  The storms happened just a hair south of us – shocker.  I can’t look this gift horse in the mouth though: I’ll take a break in the heat and keep hoping for a break in the drought too.

No storms means no more updated pics, right?  Wrong!  I know you must be soo excited.  While driving out to the in-laws, my hubby and I noticed this semi that got overturned by the storms.

Semi Down

Semi turned over by winds

The parking lot is owned by a furniture store which keeps these semi trailers in their lot and uses them to store extra stuff.  Apparently, this one was empty or didn’t have a whole lot in it.

Light Post

Light post knocked over by semi trailer

As if a semi trailer being knocked over wasn’t delightful enough ,it took one of the light posts with it.

I’m glad that no one was in the semi or around it when it fell over.  I’m also glad I found more cool pictures of the damage from the storm!  Storms are just awesome.


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