Litter Bugs and Drama Queenage

Alright y’all, here’s the low down.  I work hard at trying to be understanding and considerate.  I try my hardest to talk to people not about people.  However, I will be the first to admit that I have moments where my inner Drama Queen bursts forth from the seams.  There is honestly nothing I can do to stop her, and she is one hard ass bitch.  Believe me, I try very hard to stop her.  I scream at her and know that whatever I am doing/saying is very drama queeny, but I simply cannot stop.  I CAN”T STOP!  With that said, hold onto something cause it’s time for some Drama Queenage.. and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

I currently live in an old house that was converted into apartments a long time ago.  There are two downstairs apartments (one in front, one in back) and an upstairs apartment.  The back downstairs apartment has its own yard and driveway because the tenants there have been here for 10 or more years.  That’s cool. I can understand wanting to keep tenants who have paid rent on time for a decade.  However, the upstairs and front downstairs apartment share the front yard and the street parking.

We have had good neighbors, and we have had not so great neighbors.  Our first neighbors were borderline entertainment, borderline nightmarish.  I’m still not sure if it was a single mother who simply neglected her children, or an older woman who took in some very dysfunctional youngsters.  Fortunately, they moved.  Our neighbors after them were awesome.  They were considerate and friendly.  They would talk to us respectfully and would pick up after themselves and their dogs.  They would ask about parking arrangements and even invited us to stuff.  It was great.  Then, we got new neighbors.  Mind you, these people know the daughter of our landlord so.. it makes things more difficult.

Our new neighbors are very trashy.  I do not mean that they don’t dress well and are jobless – they leave trash all over the yard.  This is very unnerving for someone like me who likes things to be clean (This doesn’t mean that I always clean.. I just  prefer things to be clean.  My home is by no means a Martha Stewart look alike).  On top of the trash, they flick their still lit cigarette butts onto the grass from their upstairs balcony.  My county is currently under a burn ban and even if it wasn’t, eww.

When we moved here, there was an already existing “No Smoking” sign by our door.  It is a metal sign that is screwed onto the siding.  We always assumed it was the landlord’s way of saying, “No smoking in the apartment.”  We left it up but I get the impression that our neighbors think we put it up and are “smoke snobs”.  I don’t prefer second hand smoke but I’m not going to protest against it either.

Now for the proof:



These are dried up cigarette butts from either the neighbors or one of the many friends they have over. I do not mind them having over so many people because they are all pretty quiet – but they do not take responsibility and clean up after themselves nor do they require their guests to do so either.  It really makes me want to invite all my Hillbilly and Redneck friends over for a night of BYOB and outdoor grilling…  I’ll have to start checking into it.



These are the cigarette wrappers and cartons.  It’s funny because they’ll throw the stuff off the balcony.  Some of their friends actually have second thoughts and will go down and pick it up once we come home.  I guess we’re the litter Nazis or something..  I just want a clean yard that doesn’t look awful.


A paper towel..


An ink pen


A receipt for pizza


One of those plastic things they put in the middle of the pizza to keep the cardboard box from getting on the cheese.


A red, plastic, non-biodegradable cup.


Part of a candy wrapper.

When I spoke with my landlord about all of this, he said he would take care of it and to leave it at that.  His wife became very defensive of the upstairs neighbors because her daughter knows them (I’m assuming that is why).  I am not saying the neighbors are not good people, I am saying they need to pick up their trash and be more responsible.  The fact that they are younger has nothing to do with it.  In fact, it is even more reason to promote responsibility.  The neighbors before were younger and were far more considerate.  On the same note, I have worked a 12 hour day, 7 day a week job before and still had time to clean up after myself.  It is common courtesy and it is ridiculous that this is being allowed.

That concludes this week’s Drama Queenage.  Oh fear not, I’m sure there’s more to come 😉


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