Lesson of the day: Money isn’t everything

About two weeks ago, I began a new job at a different factory.  It makes taco shells for Taco Bell, chips for GFS foods, etc. It can get pretty hot/cold and physically miserable, but the people I get to work with are awesome.

This is a far cry from the factory I used to work at, which made car parts.  This factory paid much better, but they dangled the money carrot in exchange for your life.  I was working 12 hours Monday through Friday, with the occasional 14 hour shift thrown in.  Saturday and Sunday brought 8 hour shifts.. every weekend (pretty much).  I would have probably been able to hang in there long enough to transfer into a department that wasn’t working such crazy hours, but the people there.. geesh.

My “trainer” was of the mentality that she knew everything and yet she would go to great lengths to do as little work as possible.  After she finished training me and I was on the machines alone, I would have to come into work early to get the machines up and running in time for everyone else, and she would show up early too… to walk around and do nothing.  Yay, free money.

Whenever I confronted her about this or about the fact that she just treated me shitty, I was told it was just her personality.  In fact, these are the exact words my boss used when I complained about it.  And what did all that complaining get me?  Negative feedback on my review.  I was told by my boss that 1) my trainer did not get along with everyone because it just wasn’t in her personality and that’s why she was treating me shitty AND 2) I couldn’t get along with the trainer so I was getting written up. Say what?  It’s my fault I can’t get along with her but I’m being told the situation exists because she can’t get along with me?  This made even less sense because I got along with everyone else.  Ugh, this is how that factory runs.  Talk about a house of cards.

So now I’m at a much better place and the exchange of a little loss of income is totally worth it.  I still work 7 days a week, but that won’t last too much longer.  It doesn’t take long to build seniority here because of the high turn over rate (not everyone can take the heat, literally) and those with seniority usually don’t work the weekends.  Yay!

The lesson is: money isn’t everything.  I now get to see my husband, clean my house, enjoy my hobbies, and *gasp* sleep in 🙂  Loving it!


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