A gorgeous day at the park

I was fortunate enough to enjoy some time with my husband and with my best girlfriend at one of the local parks.  I mentioned this visit in an earlier post, because we experienced some paranormal phenomenon.  But! I failed to post the cool photos of the park itself!  And it is such a pretty place 🙂

Park Lake

Lake at the park

This is the beautiful lake with a fountain.  While we were there, we got to see a family of geese.  I don’t have a great picture of the baby goose, but I have never seen one outside of Rural King before!  They are awesome 🙂  I have to remember to go back with a bag of bread.


Amphitheater at the park

The amphitheater at this park is awesome.  It is made up of many raw boulders and logs that are put together to create stage sides, stairs, and even seats. 


Stairs of Amphitheater

This is what the performer sees when they are on stage.. well.. hopefully with people sitting on the stairs.


Of course the park has your usual playground.. but I’m sure you all know what that looks like 🙂


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