In honor of a Shadow Cat

I was going to post this yesterday in lieu of Friday the Thirteenth, but life got in the way.

I have a beautiful black cat named Shadow.  I am sure that I have talked about her excessively on here already, but it’s because I love her 🙂  I did not choose her, rather she walked into my life quite literally.  She has helped me through rough times and been there to enjoy the good ones.

I try to take lots of pictures of her but she seems to this uncanny sense of when I’m focusing the camera on her.  This is when she chooses to stop posing in a cute way and to investigate the thing pointing in her direction.  Usually this is very frustrating, but sometimes I get good pictures this way too.


Original Picture of Shadow


Image I created in Microsoft Pain from picture

I don’t know why, but she always seems to look pissed off when I’m pointing the camera at her.  I think this is weird because she’s always wanting my attention any other time.


Shadow’s ears when she moved as I was trying to take her picture


She wasn’t going to have any of it

These are some of the pictures that I have taken when Shadow has decided that she did not want her picture taken.  She is so cute when she gets frustrated.

I usually have better luck taking pictures of her outside because she’s either more relaxed or more occupied by nature.


Cooling off on the porch


This is the second image of this kind because in the first one, she had her ears all the way back…


Shadow has decided not

She has decided against her picture being taken here.  Instead, she’s off to investigate the flowers behind me.  How dare I try to take her picture!

I love to take her picture despite her distaste for it and mainly because of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy pissing off my cat.  A pissed off kitty is an unhappy household.  However, I generally get very amusing pictures from her this way and I adore her apparent disdain for my feeble attempts at capturing her every move on camera.


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