Dear Daughter

What will I tell my daughter, if I ever have one?

Sorry dear, you were born female so you have to work twice as hard for half as much.

You will be expected to obtain the same level of education as your male counterparts, but will not receive as much the credit or opportunity to use such education.  Despite what the laws and well-meaning people may say to make their consciences feel better, there is still quite a gap between not only the income of men and women of the same experience and knowledge, but also the available opportunity.

You will be expected to not only put in the same amount of work hours as your husband, but to also do the majority of the housework, errands, etc.  Even if you are fortunate to find a husband who is willing to share these tasks more equally, you may have to remind him continually about housework, errands, kids, etc. and will be labelled a “Nag” for simply wanting to have someone else share the responsibilities.  With all of this, you will be expected to not complain and not allow the resentful feelings you experience taint your marriage in any way.  If you do, somehow it is all your fault, for being female.

You will be exposed to derogatory “humor” on a daily basis where being referred to as female in various connotations will be considered less adequate in some way.  Examples: pussy, you throw/scream like a girl, etc.  You will not be allowed to express disdain for this type of humor (for fear of being called even more misogynist-oriented names) but are expected to enjoy it and share in the laughter.

You will remain body-conscious throughout your life as you are bombarded by images of what society considers acceptable for you to look like simply because you are female.  Men will hold you to this image and even other women will judge you based on how similar you are to it.  You will be expected to worry about what you put in your mouth everyday to ensure your body image is the same as the societal standard.

Most of all, dear, I hope you forget all this foolishness and tell them all the fuck off.


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