Controversial topic of the day: Border Crossing

I know, you’re all tired of talking about the illegal “epidemic” of Mexicans crossing the border!  GASP!  Puhlease.

First of all, let’s take a look at some maps of the United States.. back in the day.

First off, let’s see where the state of Texas used to be in the early days, back when Spanish explorers were still doing their thang.


The black area is “Texas”

The darkened are is “Texas”.  It isn’t really the state we know today in the formal sense, it was what the Spanish considered to be a similar territory.. you know, after they took it from the Indians.  What’s that?  Oh right, we (American white people) did not originally “own” this country.  Some claim we fought for it with blood and tears..  Nope.  We simply killed Native Americans if they refused to march their rightful ownership asses to specified areas of land.  You know, to get them out of the way so we could have the land.  Sound familiar?  The only time we fought blood and tears to “own” this country was after we stole it from someone else.

Mexicans have been in the United States longer than we have.  You know California?  It used to be apart of Mexico.  Then a war was started called the Mexican-American War.  It was started because America annexed Texas and Mexico said, “You know, that’s cool and all, but you can’t just decide to take California with it.”  America was all, “I can do whatever I want, bitch.” So the war started and finally ended three years later with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and, what do you know?  America got California.  Or rather, the land that it turned into California.  You know what?  Mexicans were already living there.  In fact, they were already living in various states across the Southern United States.  Many just decided to stay.  Many were given opportunities by the US government to stay because they were exploited for harsh labor conditions and no beneficial pay.  Sound familiar?

Yea, we did the same thing to the Chinese.  They are the ones who built the trans-continental railroad back in the 1800’s.  The whole time, they were treated less than admirably by the US people.  What did the government do when the work was completed? Oops, we seem to have misplaced the right to work and live in the US for a few hundred thousand Chinese workers.  I guess it’s back to China with you!

The fact of the matter is this folks, we are not the the best thing since sliced bread.  And guess what?  Our shit stinks too, bad.  People don’t want to get to the US because they want to be like us, they just want to get away from oppressive leaders, drug ganglords, and they want a better place for their children to grow up.  Is that really so hard to understand?

I get so tired of people complaining about average Mexicans trying to cross the border.  If you lived in Mexico, wouldn’t you try to get out? As for smuggling, it gets blown out of proportion.  Mexicans are not the only culprits.  It’s called racial stereotyping, people.  White, Americans do it too.  Several law enforcement and elected officials across the Border States of the US have been officially charged with smuggling guns to drug cartels in Mexico.  It’s a sad, shameful business.  But then, America has a long history of that.

And what about the Canadian border?  Do we watch that?  Why don’t we make such a big deal about that?  Ooohhh right, cause they’re white like us.  Duh!  I forgot about that whole racist thing.

Yup, Canadians cross the border illegally everyday too.  They enter the school systems, the work force, and they add a strain to the economy.  Know why?  Because unlike Mexicans, they are NOT willing to do more work for less money.  They actually tend to have better paying jobs, such as in programming and gaming industries.  I actually know a handful of Canadians who do not intend on getting citizenship status and have some very cushy jobs.  I don’t hate them for it, I’m just aware that if they were Mexican, they would have NEVER had such a chance.  It’s called disparity.. and it’s ugly.

In case you wanna know how we treat the overwhelming threat of Canadian border crossing.. here’s a link to a camera set up on a road that crosses Canada and the US. CAMERA TIME WOW.  Talk about some heavy handed border crossing security right there folks.


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