Hobo the Koala

I get bored on my 20 minute breaks at work and I like to draw/doodle.  You know, aside from cramming food down my gullet and re-hydrating my exhausted ass.

Last week, I doodled Hobo the Koala.  I get the ideas for my doodles from Mark Kistler. He is pretty awesome, check his videos out. Caution though, his stuff is geared towards the kiddies.  It’s just as good for us immature adults though 😉

I digress.. my doodle:


Hobo the Koala

I couldn’t get the other side of this body to match so I *tried* to erase his other hand and put it down holding a Eucalyptus branch instead.  As for his right eye, which looks like he got into a fight with the Eucalyptus tree.. I couldn’t get it to match either.

I use thin, note-taking paper because it’s the only pad of paper small enough I can find to fit in my lunch bucket for work.  I would love to use actual sketch paper.. I might be able to actually erase things.  Also, I am horrible at sketching lightly.  I press way too hard.. big shocker.


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