He was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin..

Okay, I’m not purple and I definitely don’t eat people.  But I certainly don’t seem to be getting along with them lately either.

Them?  Really?  Makes me feel like I’ve said something racist or sexist.  I guess I do have a bias against the majority of people.  I have a natural instinct to push them away while still wanting contact and intimacy.  Make up your mind, woman!

There was this great picture I saw years ago done up in the 1970’s pulp fiction style.  It was a woman pointing a gun and the title said “How dare you love me!”  Yea, I feel like that a lot lately.  How dare you people put forth the effort to try to get close to me.  I’ll show you!

I’m not sure if it’s my allergies, stress, or a combination of a lot of things.  But I just don’t want to be around “THEM”.. and yet I do.  I want to share opinions, laugh at stories, and have fun.  And yet..

I find myself getting frustrated with THEIR opinions and perceptions.  How can they think that way? Jeez.. what’s wrong with THEM?  Yea, I know the problem is with me actually.  I’m being all controlling again. Shocker.  Me? Controlling? Get outta here..

But still.. I’d like to know, is there anyone out there that doesn’t drive me absolutely crazy?  That doesn’t make my skin crawl with annoyance?  Or should I think about overdosing on some chocolate and funny movies right about now?

Maybe I need more sleep.  Maybe I need an attitude adjustment.  Yup, I’ll just flip my lid and turn the dial, there attitude all adjusted.  It was that easy!

So many things come to mind when I think about “adjusting my attitude”.  Changing diet, regulating sleep, and exercising more to help my body feel better.  If I’m already feeling crappy, how am I ever going to get motivated to schedule and organize all that?  Bah.. self-defeatist procrastination alert!

Then I swing into the opposite extreme.  I am Wonder Woman!  I can plan and schedule and anything is possible!  I become talkative and a real people person because I am ontop of the world.  And then it crashes.  Something happens that I can’t control with all my scheduling and organizing.  Ahh, back to THEM.

I need to get off this carousel.


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