Yarning for Sanity

Whenever I’m feeling my sanity drifting away, I like to yarn. Crocheting and knitting give me time to reflect while letting my hands keep busy.  It seems to cure that feeling of physical restlessness I get when I want to mull things over and try to sweep the cobwebs out of my tired little head.

Lately, I’ve been working on an afghan.  For more details on the afghan, clicky here.  This afghan is coming along quite nicely.  I take it with me to people’s houses whenever there is down time inbetween visiting so I can crochet.  I take it to the laundromat to pass the time.  Mostly, I work on it when my brain is tired and my body is restless.  It’s a great remedy.

Not only does the actual crocheting of the blanket give me some form of reprieve, but making the balls of yarn does the same.  Today is a yarn ball making day.  My blue yarn ball ran out on me at the laundromat last weekend so I am making another one.  How punctual of me.


Yarn Ball in the Making

As you can tell, I have a long way to go.  That’s ok with me though, I’m going to need it.

Almost perfect day: Making yarn balls, kitty curled up next to me, music playing.  Only thing missing.. Hubby’s indispensable humor.


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