Don’t mind me.. just .. you know. . thinking out loud

Today I was running errands around town and I decided to switch on the radio.  Some music would make my errand running business a little more happy.  “I Love Your Way” by Bob Marley came on.  It got me to thinking about how unfortunate it is that he was struck down in his prime in such a violent way.  He was, afterall, for peace and that stance is what caused such commotion.

I guess with the recent happenings of the Colorado shootings, my mind has been on the duality of peace and violence in our society.  It seems that people use violence as a means to an end when other people are more than willing to use peaceful measures.  I wonder what causes such differences?

There are smart, creative, and confident people that swing from both sides of the spectrum when it comes to dealing with issues in our society.  Martin Luther King Jr. used peace as a way to fight for the rights of African Americans.  On the other hand, Malcolm X’s early years were strife with violence for the same issues.  Ghandi wanted world peace and used peaceful means to try and attain it while others were busy fighting wars, claiming to have that same goal in mind.

Why is there so much violence today?  Is there not as much peace?  And how can the two exist together when they seem to be such opposites?

I think that perhaps violence is given a much more dramatic flair in media coverage and so people tend to learn about it more than peaceful events.  Afterall, violent events do have severe, and often sudden, negative impacts on people.  It is a dramatic event.  However, the media seems to drag this out lately.  They seem to feast on it.. and we, the people, encourage them.

Why not encourage the same kind of coverage of peaceful events to solve problems?  I’m not saying to ignore the violent ones, but why does our society give violent events such a higher form of acknowledgement than peaceful ones?  If we didn’t, would peace be more prevalent?

Just mulling over some things, so I’m sure this post is chalk full over ovegeneralizations, circular logic (if any), and just plain hum drum opinions.


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