Christmas in July

It’s July and it’s hot.  Why not celebrate a happier time when it was not only much cooler, but there was also a good chance of getting lots of presents?  Sounds good to me!

Christmas has been on my mind lately because 1) I have kept photos of last year’s Christmas tree on my phone and I have seen it several times this week and 2) I’m running out of songs to sing at work and have caught myself singing Christmas songs.  In order to try and purge myself of this Christmas in July feeling (because it does get annoying after a while), I’m going to share with you the story of last Christmas.  Don’t you love my selflessness?

Last Christmas was a special one.  Although it was the second Christmas that my husband and I had spent in our apartment, there were some events that marked it as special.  The most important one being that my now-husband proposed on Christmas Eve while we were opening presents at his parent’s house.

He was sneaky about it and at first he showed me a $10 ring and said that was all he could afford.  I told him it didn’t matter, I thought it was gorgeous.  He then pulled out the real ring and said I would really like it then.  I was floored.  It was great.  Everyone was overjoyed.

Another reason it was so special is that it was one of very few Christmases that I have actually celebrated.  You see, my mother raised my brother and I as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am no longer a member of that organized religion, but they do not believe in celebrating holidays so I didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up.  I guess that’s why I like to go all out on decorating the tree.


Last year’s Xmas Tree

Sorry about the picture.  The tree wouldn’t fit in just one.  It’s not because the tree is so large.  It is a medium-sized fake tree that we have reused twice now.  The issue lies in the size of our apartment.  It is very small.  So it was difficult to back up far enough to get the entire tree in one shot.  I had to take two shots and put them together.  Maybe this Christmas will be extra special in that we will finally get a house of our own.  I’ll definitely put that on my Christmas list next to “Pay off debt”, “Have happy, healthy children”, and “Go on an Alaskan cruise”.


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