Crafty Projects – Future, Past, and Present

I am really proud of myself.  I have been walking past this really cool yarn at the supermarket for several weeks.  Resisting the urge to pick it up and examine it.. feel it out… check out the free pattern and take it all home.  I resisted for weeks.  That’s like an alcoholic working in a bar, living upstairs, and not taking a drink.. not once.  Of course, I finally succumbed and bought it.  I wasn’t sure what color to get, but all that later.  First, let me show you my new yarn!  YAY!  I’m so excited!  (I think I need to get professional help..)


Ruffle Yarn

This is the yarn I picked up, along with the little free leaflet with the free pattern on it.  I love the yarn, which looks like lace when unraveled.  I love the colors.. I love the name.  I am stoked.


Promised outcome

This is what the end result should look like.  Only, the scarf will be more colorful and not on a model.  It will be on me.  Yay!  Ok, the issues with this whole thing are as follows: It involves knitting.  That is alright in the sense that I know how to and am good at knitting.  I just haven’t done it in awhile and I tend to get tired of it quickly because I find that I am quicker at crocheting.  However, this project is only supposed to take up one, small skein.  This may make up for the fact that it’s knitting.  The next problem is that I already have some projects.. going on right now and on my mind.  I think I need to save this project for a road trip.  But I want to do it now!

This is why I love being crafty.  There is always some project making me excited and happy about my crochet/knitting abilities.  Often, things don’t turn out the way the picture promises.. but I’m getting better!

In fact, I’m working on my second blanket.  Yup, I’ve already completed a whole gosh darned blanket all by little ole self. Except I crocheted it, I didn’t darn it.  Oh darn.


Mom’s Afghan

This is my first crocheted and completed blanket.  I gave it to my Mom because.. well.. she’s my mom.  She, and her cat, love it.  My niece loves it too and it’s her preferred blanket when she stays over at Grandma’s.  This makes me feel profoundly awesome inside.  I love being crafty!  Hopefully, my current blanket will turn out as awesome as this one did.  It’s a little more bold and I hope to sell it to see if I am able to make money out of this neat little hobby.


One of many sqaures

So far, this is what the individual squares of my blanket look like.  I have about 20 more squares to finish, and then put the whole thing together.  I am so happy that I have stuck with this project and that I planned it out from beginning to end in a more organized way than my last blanket.  It’s a good idea to come up with a pattern before you start making squares, ha!

With all this in mind, I think crocheting and knitting is something I will do for the rest of my life.  It brings me such joy, both short and longterm.  I am trying to get into jewelry making as well, but finding it more difficult.  I guess I should stick with what I’m good with.


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