So far so.. confused

Alright, I have begun my knitting project.  My hubby and I had to do some laundry tonight, so I took the opportunity to start my newest (and most exciting!) project.  I had sugar plumb fairies dancing in my head.. the fantastical notion that I might even have the scarf halfway finished by the time laundry was done.. HA!

I hadn’t even figured out how to start it by that point.  I had to wait to come home and Youtube the instructions before I could begin my new and easy project.  So easy that it only takes one skein of “yarn”.  My head hurts and my fingers are beginning to refuse to cooperate.  It probably would have been a great idea to brush up on my knitting technique before beginning this one.  I had to break out my “Knitting for Dummies” booklet and try to remember how to cast on. Oh, DUH!  How could I forget?


My current craze.. craziness?

Ruffle yarn? Check. Knitting needles? Check.  Instructions? Double check. Guide on how to knit for brushing up on techniques? Check.  Okay!  I think I’m ready now.  Wait.. what?  I have to do what? How the..?

So there are some snafoos.  I seem to have finally figured out the hows and whys of this deviously “simple” pattern thanks to the video found HERE.  Sweet!  I’m doing it!  I’m making the scarf!

No wait.. I don’t know if this is right or not.  How does this equal a scarf?  It seems like all I’m doing is making a thick ruffle.  I. Don’t. Get. It.

Sigh.  I will keep on keeping on and see what I end up with.  Even if I lose some braincells, eye-hand-coordination, and very well my sanity along the way.  And of course there will be updates and pictures!  If I’m going to lose my sanity trying to make this scarf, I’d like to have some pictures to remember it by 🙂


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