I don’t want to and You can’t make me!

Five more minutes Mom!  I don’t want to go to school!  I think my throat hurts and I have a fever… *fake cough*.

These things don’t work when you’re arguing with yourself.  Things like bills get in the way.  I don’t like spending the majority of my day away from the people I love at a place I don’t particularly care for, but I have bills to pay.  Right now, this is how I’m paying them.

I tried to go to college. It didn’t pan out.  You know what?  I had to get a job I didn’t like that brought more money home so I could pay for my subpar college experience.  Wait, what?  I thought I was supposed to end up with a job I loved that paid all my bills and let me reach my dreams.  Like buying a house, having kids, getting that environmentally friendly vehicle.

Nope.  It’s all a lie.  I’m still stuck working for da man.  Slaving away, seven days a week, making money to pay bills.  That is why I work.  How I wish I worked because I actually enjoyed my job.  But I don’t.

Sometimes, I daydream of being a farmer.  It would be awesome to get up early each morning with such a profound purpose as feeding the nation.  If I didn’t get out there and do my job (by getting my hands dirty in the Earth, sweet!), then there wouldn’t be enough food.

Oooh, or maybe a Nurse.  If I didn’t get to work and take care of all those sick people, then who would?  There’s medications to hand out, vital signs to take, paperwork to fill out.  Talk about having a purpose in your work.

Nope, I watch food go by on a conveyor belt all day.  It doesn’t matter if it gets there or not.  There are two other shifts that will put out production, so if my shift doesn’t make the numbers then the other shifts will make up for it.  There’s not much purpose in such a mundane job.  Except for paying the bills.


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