Ruffle Yarn of Doom is conquered!

Yay!  I have very nearly finished my Ruffle Yarn scarf.  I am so super excited!  There are a few things about Ruffle Yarn that I have learned through this ordeal…

It takes patience.  It seems like it would go quickly, but you have to unravel the netting of the yarn and then find the right loop each time you go to cast on a stitch.

It can be monotonous.  I like to do hand-oriented crafts to give my hands something to do while my mind is mulling things over.  I found that with this yarn, it wasn’t quite possible.  I had to actually think to myself, “Not this loop, but the next one,” everytime I went to cast on a stitch.  It did get to be a bit tedious.

It doesn’t work up exceedingly quickly.  I thought the yarn would work up into the finished project very quickly.  In all honesty, this is the fastest scarf I’ve ever made.  I should point out that I’ve never made a fashion scarf before, though, only the ones that are used to stay warm.  Although the yarn did not work up quite as fast as I thought it would, it did work up more quickly than most other yarns.

Don’t mess with the ruffles!  When I first started turning my work as I progressed in making the scarf, I would stop and  “straighten” it out, probably out of habit.  This makes the ruffles in the scarf come out and causes it to have a more lumpy look.. rather than a frilly one.  Because of this, the beginning side of my scarf looks a little different than the rest of it.  Also, I found that the longer the scarf gets, the heavier it pulls on the needles.  This translates into a smaller round area of the scarf, but I found it to be poofier and frillier.  To keep a consistent texture throughout on my next one, I’m going to make sure to keep the scarf laying on a surface to prevent it from pulling on the needles.

It can be knotty.  Just like any other yarn, I should have unraveled the skein and made a ball.  I did not and ran into a knot about a yard away from the end of the yarn.


This knot is holding together two pieces of different yarn

It frustrated me when I cam across this.  This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this in yarn, but it sucks when you put time and effort into a project only to find out that someone wasn’t so considerate when making the skein at the yarn factory.

Despite of the knot, I am pretty sure I can finish my scarf.  So far, it’s looking pretty good:


Scarf spread out


Scarf on Moi

Despite all of this, I’m going to make more.  I picked out some colors that I thought family and friends would like.  I can’t wait to give this scarf away as a present!  It is so pretty! I’m not addicted.. I’m not. I can stop anytime.  Is that a ball of yarn?!


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