Positive Energies

I’m apart of a neat group on Facebook called “Pagan Musings”.  They discuss interesting topics about being Pagan in today’s society and the various aspects of practicing the different Pagan religions.  I should clarify that I do not consider myself Pagan because I do not believe in gods or deities, but I do find that a lot of what Pagans practice is positive-oriented.  I like positivity in my life so I tend to follow some of these teachings.

One of the teachings is a specific type of meditation that is supposed to push negative energies away, allowing only positive energy to exist within you and around you.  All you do is imagine a glowing orb beginning very small and inside of you that grows to whatever size you want it.  Depending on the color of the orb, you should be filled with a sense of serenity.  I typically use a gold or white color. If I’m looking to energize myself as well, then I’ll use purple or green.  Some people find that chanting can help encourage the ramification of positive energy as well.

I should also state that I don’t know much about being psychic but I’ve always been told (usually by psychics) that I have some sort of psychic ability. I consider it to be more “sensitive” than psychic.  I can usually sense energies from other people and from places that I inhabit.  I have a tendency to experience and draw out “strange occurrences”.  I’m not really going to elaborate on this because it’s one of my rules for preventing these things from happening.

In anycase, I was involved in a discussion on the Pagan Musings and learned a couple new songs that help focus positive energies.  These songs are founded on the belief of the circle of life.  I’m not gong more into that one because there are a lot of ignorant people who think that symbol is demonic.  Oh my.  Not really.  At any rate, here are some useful tunes:

Air moves us, fire transforms us, water shapes us and earth heals us, and the balance of the wheel goes round and round and the balance of the wheel goes round.   I sing this one to The Wheel on the Bus song because I can get away with it at work that way and people think I’m just being silly.

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit.  I don’t actually sing this one, I just repeat it until I can imagine my body made of Earth, my water of blood, the air moving in and out of my lungs and an eternal flame either in the center of me or surrounding my body.  It usually helps to get rid of the negative energies within me.

I cannot take credit for the creation of these “songs”.  Someone shared them and I’m not sure where they got them from either.  However, I did find them on THIS website that seems to have other chants available as well.


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