Fun at the Laundromat

My husband and I have to do our laundry at the Laundromat because we live in a teeny-tiny apartment with no room for a washer or dryer and no hookups.  The Laundromat has some ups and downs.


  1. The washers don’t always work very well.  My clothes can come out still smelling like a taco factory.. which is where I work.
  2. The dryers sometimes leave “spots” on your clothes.  This is because some people put things in there that contain rubber or chemicals that don’t belong in washers and dryers.  Ugh.
  3. The people can be rude, inconsiderate, and just plain dumb.  Some people will use all the washers and/or dryers at once instead of doing half now and half later to let everyone else do their laundry.  The Laundromat also has had to post signs about common sense things like not sitting on tables, watching children, and not pulling “Out of Order” stickers off of machines.
  4. Out of Order.  Most machines don’t work due to Out of Order stickers and the rest don’t work very well.  They really need to fix the machines.


  1. It is open 24/7 so we can go whenever we want.
  2. The price for the machines is lower than most Laundromats.
  3. It has triple and even quadruple washers – great for washing bedspreads and sheets.
  4. The people are stupid and entertaining – This goes for the company/employees as well as the customers.

Case in point: The signs that are on the wall about rules of conduct at the Laundromat are on your run-of-the-mill fluorescent poster board and hand written with what appears to be a giant black marker.  There are several grammatical and spelling errors, my favorite of which is that “You cannot set on the tables.  The benches are for setting.”  Oh darn, I have to set my folded clothes on the benches but I guess I can sit on the tables.  Also, people have a tendency to throw their clothes and whatnot in the washers and dryers and then leave.  I can understand that some people lead extra busy lives and don’t have time to sit and wait for their clothes to get done.. or maybe they don’t like the dim lighting and dingy decor.  Either way, I still sit and wait because I am paranoid about people stealing my clothes or the washer/dryer messing up while I’m gone.  Like this one:  Dryer Issues.  Aside from machine issues, the people are funny too..

I’ve seen people who are obviously emotionally unstable interact with eachother.  People start verbal fights.  People not able to figure out how the machines work.  Full out racism, sexism, etc.  Like the time the white guy and mexican guy were in there with just me.  I stayed to myself, folding clothes while they each used their respective mp3 players to play out a kind of cultural war.  Each one playing a new, cruder song even louder than the last.  Or the time the Hispanic family came in and the husband stood there and watched the wife struggle to do a shit-ton of laundry by herself.

The funniest thing is when I’m alone in the Laundromat with a lonely guy who starts playing “make out” songs on the jukebox and lurking around me.  It just takes one look in the eyes and a “Fuck No” from me for him to literally change his tune to country songs about how women don’t do no good to no man.  Love it.

It’s never dull at the Laundromat of ye olde timey towne.


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