Is that the bell?

Do you remember when you were in your High School Speech class?  The teacher made you write essays and speeches about given or suggested topics.  It seemed like, initially at least, a lot of the class started their speeches out with dictionary definitions of the subject.  Well guess what?  It’s High School Speech Class time because I feel like I’m still living in friggin’ High School.

The dictionary defines “drama” as “a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent”(, 2012).  I think we need to change this definition a little to perhaps “a situation or sequence of events that is distorted through personal opinion to become a highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent event.”  And it seems as though society is not only adept at doing this, they prefer it to the normal sequence of events and their drab interpretations.  Case in point, the current state of the media. Oh I know, you are all probably sick to death of hearing about it.  At least you are if you aren’t “dramatic”.  I am fed up with the so called “news” reporting on situations and issues in a way that is designed to stir up distorted feelings amongst the population instead of simply reporting the facts.  OMG!  Like, the facts are so totally boring.  I have to project my own personal beliefs onto them so that I can get all worked up and then I won’t talk about the facts of the situation anymore, I’ll talk about my own personal, distorted interpretation of the situation.

Wow, really?  I am not surprised.  From the news we go to advertising.  Facts have always been “polished up” in advertising to .. well.. sell a product.  A product that may not do all that the seller claims it will.  This seems to be readily accepted and somehow, we blame ourselves for buying a product that fails when it doesn’t live up to the promises of the seller.  Say what?  “Oh sigh, how dare I spend my hard earned money on this thing.  The guy promised it would do this, and it didn’t.  It’s all my fault.”  Classic codependency.

What is codependency?  It has many definitions, depending on who you ask.  Oh my.  So not only are we now distorting news tidbits with our personal opinions, we are distorting the simplest facts such as word definitions.  I can understand that if you come from a certain branch of study, you may lean more towards a specific definition of a word or have a different take on a situation.  That is not what I mean.  I mean when people use the distortion of such a situation to get emotionally “worked up” because they seem to need to bounce from drama to drama in order to feel fulfilled.

I believe it has something to do with the rising levels of false entitlement that seems to be ever present as of late.  How dare that person go first at the four way stop even though they had the right of way!  I will yell at them because I have the right!  Ahhh.. but you don’t.  The rights of this country seem to have taken the same beating as news stories and word definitions.  People are projecting their personal biases onto them instead of accepting the laws and constitutional guidelines for what they are.  Just because someone else doesn’t agree with you, does not make you or them wrong.  It just means you’re different.

The constitution was smart enough to reflect this by doing one thing: separating church and state.  The forefathers understood the impact that projecting one’s religious beliefs onto the laws of the country could have.  Such examples can be readily seen today and, very sadly, they are not being upheld constitutionally.

Like the forefathers of yore, the peace-seeking activists of the distant past, and the minority groups of today I long for a country that lives by its own guidelines.  Why can’t we all be different, accept and enjoy those differences, and still be respectful to one another?

This concludes my High School rant of the day.  Back out into the jungle.


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