Crawling Out of my Skin

The Hubby and I have been trying to get out more and enjoy the benefits of walking.  Namely exercising, getting to where we need to be for cheaper than gas, and seeing the sights of our small town.  Lately, though, the sights seem to be just outside our front door.

We have endured a hot summer with bouts of severe weather (that I have ranted about before), which is perfect for certain bugs.  In fact, it seems to have been perfect for just about all of them.  We can’t open a window and put a fan in it without moths, crickets, and flies finding their way in.  It can be cute when the Hubby tries to corral the crickets outside without hurting them.  Most of the time, the bugs are just annoying though.  But some of the bugs are fascinating.

Locusts for example.  Locusts?  “Ewww,” you might say.  Locusts look to me like rather large June Beetles and are fascinating.  They make an awesome sound and shed their skin which is left behind looking like a buggy remnant.  Awesome!  We just so happen to have had a locust visitor on our porch the other day because he/she left his/her mark.


Mister/Misses Locust. Side view.

I actually saw the original bug as it crawled out of its skin the other night, but didn’t have my phone out to take a picture.  Like it would have mattered then anyways.  My phone takes pretty crappy pictures.  One for the Christmas list: an actual digital camera.  Anyway, back to the cool bug.  Err.. what it left behind.


Locust, head on.

I remember growing up as a girl and having two monstrous trees in our front yard.  Every single summer, they would be covered in these skeletal remains of the growing pangs of Locusts.  It was always fascinating to watch them “hatch” out of their skin and to play with the fragile skins left behind.  I guess this is all rather gross, but sometimes we are pretty gross as kids.. and we think it’s cool then. I guess I still think it’s cool now.


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