Furry Cure

Today, I am home sick.  Home?  “Shouldn’t you be home on Sunday anyways?” you may ask.  Well, no.  My workplace requires working seven days a week, but only eight hours a day.  As opposed to 12 to 14 hours a day that my previous job required.  At any rate..  This is the second time in the past four days that I’ve been out sick because of a new substance being used at work.  However, that is a different story altogether.  Today’s story is about my medicine.  My cat.

Shadow, my cat, has been nuzzling me all day on the couch – where I’ve been spending my day.  Between bouts of drinking liquids to keep my stomach settled and snacking (because eating a whole meal is probably not a good idea), I’ve been watching TV and well.. catnapping.  This may all sound like fun and games, but I feel like a truck hit me while I was sleeping.  Did anyone get the license plates?

Shadow did.  She’s got the remedy.


Sleeping hugs

Tomorrow, it’s off to the doctor to be lectured about my horrific allergies.  I know better than to expose myself to certain things, even with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) I experience adverse effects to things that others do not.  Like mold, dust, and food powder.  My doctor is very respectful and considerate, but I am sure that even he will be sure to reprimand me, as I have been doing to myself all day.  Thankfully, all I’ve gotten out of my kitty is purrs.


Get your own human pillow

Despite the reminders about my health that I will receive tomorrow, I am still looking forward to waking up and having my sinuses open.  Right now they are still inflamed but nowhere near what they were when I woke up.  With multiple sinus rinses, lots of rest, and some Zicam nose spray.. my sinuses are slowly recovering.  Along with my stomach.  The rest of me though, I feel like a zombie.

At least I can get plenty of rest with a furry remedy.



Screw brains, I just want sleep.


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