Another day .. well.. not in paradise

Had to take another day off from work to recover from my particulate allergies.  This one has really knocked me on my butt.  I went to the doctor this morning and am still trying to get everything in order for the Human Resources department so that I am not put back in that god-awful room again.  Here’s hoping.

At any rate, we saw a garage sale on the way to and from the doctor’s office and human resources office.  They had the perfect thing to replace Shadow’s window perch: a vanity chair. We draped the towel she’s been sleeping on over the chair so she will adjust more readily.  Here’s hoping.  You see, she was using a box full of pots and pans that we got as a marriage present.  Well, we had to take it back and exchange it for some nice skillets.  We have tons of pots, no skillets.. well, we do now.

As for other items, I was able to get ahold of 9 sheets.  They are in various colors and I even found a piece of fabric that matched some of the sheets.  I can’t wait to start tearing them up to make rag rugs.  What on Earth is a ‘rag rug’? It is a rug crocheted out of strips of cloth.  HERE is a pattern.  I also found some neat YouTube videos about braided rugs that I want to try… hmm.  Braided or crocheted?  Ah well, I’ll figure out when I feel better.

That’s the thing about being sick, I find tons of cool patterns for current, past and future projects.  I just hope the well me can keep up!


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