Recycled Crafty

Today I made my first attempt at making beads out of paper.  Say what?  Yea, I found the tutorial on YouTube.  Where else?  You can see the tutorial HERE.  I must warn you that the person who made the video, the person talking in the video itself, likes to drone on.. and on.. and on… *yawn*.  So watch it either when you are having an insomniatic spree, or when you are multi-tasking.  Alrighty.

I cannot get ahold of the acrylic-type goo the lady in the video uses to finish her beads.  So, I thought of what other things I could use.  Umm.. maybe rubber cement?  Sure why not?  Well because it dries kind of sticky and there go those beads.  I should have probably used some common sense (what’s that?) and used the clear nail polish that the lady in the video recommended if you didn’t have Diamond Glaze.  Doh!

That’s alright, I have plenty of more paper strips all stripped up and ready to be twirled, glued, and dried.  Can’t wait!  I am very curious about how magazine paper would turn out as well.. I think it is time to dig into the recycle bin for some old magazines.  Yay!


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