The Getaway that Wasn’t

I currently work at a factory that tends to work seven days a week.  It doesn’t usually bother me because it’s only eight hours, as opposed to the 12 hours a day – 7 days a week I used to work at another factory. That being said, we got a three day weekend because of Labor Day.  Three days off!  In a row.. awesome 🙂

Unfortunately, the Hubby works so I took my mom with me to do some out-of-towning.  I live in a rural area and every now and again, it’s nice to get out to one of the larger towns.  I mean, that’s what I thought before the whole trip started.

Mom and I headed out to Fort Wayne to do mucho shopping.  I needed to find a cheap screen door or the materials to make my own, unload a box of books et al at Half Price Books, stop by the Chef Store to get a knife cover, and find a better littler box for the newest addition to the household.  All in all, it was a productive trip but Dear Lord!  The people cannot drive!  I was nearly hit three times and each time I had the right of way.  My older, Christian abiding mother took to cursing each time.  Seriously people, slow down and use your turn signals.  After getting gas at the Wal-Mart (and a much needed area rug) we started our journey.

Our first stop was Menards (a Wal-Mart style hardware store).  I couldn’t find what I needed after a lot of walking around and debating about the size of wood (haha) so we left for Half Price Books.  Dude, I made $31 there!  And I didn’t even have to shake it.  The DVDs and books we brought in were apparently popular or good sellers.  We spent about $20 and I pocketed the $10.  I think that was the highlight of the evening.  Off to the mall!

Finding a space at the mall was like trying to find a flea on my black cat.  We ended up with one at the very end but were just happy to be off the road.  The mall was packed because of Labor Day weekend, but we quickly found the store we were looking for and I found the knife covers.  Quickest mall trip EVER.  Of course, getting out of the parking lot included being cut off several times and hearing my good-natured mother go into more fits of cursing, but that was fun too.

I took Mom out to eat at a nice restaurant called Cheddar’s.  They have made from scratch, home cooking that is inexpensive.  The place is usually packed and yesterday was no exception.  I was kind enough to hold the door open for a couple and they ended up actually taking our booth.  So we waited politely with that little coaster beeper thing for about thirty minutes until it went off.  Oops, the hostess told us it was an “accidental page”. Apparently she wasn’t paying much attention to the numbers next to each name and just randomly paged someone.  Well, I had been waiting after someone took my booth and I wasn’t in the mood for someone else’s  ineptitudes.  So, I pointed to my name, told her how long we’d been waiting, and she just repeated her story.  The male hostess was awesome and smart.  He jumped up, took a look in the bar and excitedly exclaimed that there was a table in there.  Thanks for using your brain dude.

After we ate a delicious meal and were stuffed to the gills, we headed back home.  On the highway, people’s driving wasn’t any better.  I had to keep two car lengths away from most cars to ensure our safety and even with that, something weird still happened.  Someone threw an unknown substance out of their vehicle and it hit my car.  At first, I though it had finally started raining heavily so I turned on the wipers.  It was something out of a comedy movie.  The crap smeared all over the windshield and I couldn’t see.  I was freaking out, my mother was screaming, and we were still on the Highway..  I was actually able to safely find a WalGreens and get some Windex and Shop Towels.  It took half to bottle to get the crud off, but at least I could see.  I don’t know what it was, but it gave Mom a headache and smelled like Acetone.  It was white, waxy, and had bits of brown grease-like globs in it.  Ugh.  I jokingly told Mom I thought it was sewage from an airplane and we headed to Wendy’s.  We were in need of Frosty’s and some cool down time.

I should probably mention that I haven’t driven by myself in Fort Wayne before.  I usually have Hubby along who knows the place pretty well.  Inbetween all of this, my mom and I were doing a lot of yelling about how to get to places and which way the roads were going.  It wasn’t fun at the time but it’s funny looking back on it.

On the good side, the area rug looks nice and I got some CDs I wanted from Half Price.  I think that next time I will go anywhere other than Fort Wayne.. maybe I’ll even try the cursed Celina again.


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