Sick and..

fed up.  Beware: This post is a bit “soap boxy” and may be misconstrued as “snobby” (as I am often told I am.. shocker).

Hubby and I are both sick with some mysterious virus.  I get sick all the time.. in fact, I think that I spend more days a year sick than not.  Hubby, on the other hand, gets sick maybe two days each year.. or every two years.  Because of this, he tends to get very sick and have to miss work when he does actually catch something.  I have been able to trudge through work the past three days, but only because my body is accustomed to this on a regular basis.

That being said, I was not feeling well at work today.  The plan was to drink fluids that my stomach would keep down and pretty much do as little as possible.  Moving around really caused the nausea to get worse.  I, nor my coworkers, are psychic so they were not aware of why I was in such a foul and peculiar state of mind.  This is not an excuse for their behavior, but it is probably why I was such an easy target today.

Today, I learned that I do not work at a factory.. I work at a daycare.  You may be saying, “but all factories are like that.”  Indeed, they are not.  It is frustrating for me to deal with people who think foolish and outright stupid things are amusing, that they know everything there is to know and are entitled to some special treatment because of that misconception, and that everything I say must have a sexual connotation and be meant as some kind of come on.  Um, no.

I am not only sick and tired from being, well sick.. but I am quite fed up with being as personable as I can/want to be with everyone around me and working hard to treat everyone with a base line of respect at the very least – only to discover that hardly anyone else has such intentions.  Not only is this true at work, but I am finding this attitude to be more prevalent as of late in the city itself.  It seems as though many people believe self-esteem equates comparing yourself to others in a way that leaves the other person in a negative aspect.

IE: In order to make myself feel good, I have to put you down in ways that are unrealistic and irrelevant.

Cue screaming.  Hubby and I are looking to relocate because the attitudes are so severely.. poor.  I know I will probably receive defensive backlash from this, but I find that the majority of people who enjoy this area are those that enjoy the benefits of living in a nepotistic society.  Count me out of that if you please.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must end my evening with a fine Brandy and some Beethoven (joking).  I’m lucky if I get to do anything to relax before sleep 😛 .


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