Crafts and Autumn

It’s time to get crafty for Autumn!  Albeit, not very successfully.

I have been under the weather as of late and laying around the house is so boooring.  So, I’ve been working on some crafts.  Namely, a homemade wreath using felt, floss, and ribbons.


Felt Leaves

It took me a couple days due to being sick, but I finally made enough felt leaves and acorns to garnish my wreath!  Before adding them, I simply covered a straw wreath in brown tulle.  Then, I spiraled yellow, orange, and green ribbon around it.  It makes a lovely back drop.  Finally, I scattered the leaves and acorns on the wreath.


So far, so good

I really want to add a wooden piece in the center that says “All Nuts Welcome”, but can’t find one that will fit.  I may just have to ask my mother in law to help me cut one out of masonite.

The only problem I encountered was the glue I used.  I did not have a got glue gun (I will be remedying this quickly) and so I opted for some “fabric adhesive”.  First of all, I don’t think it will permanently hold the felt to the tulle.  Secondly, I did not notice until after using it, but the back of the glue tube says “known to cause cancer in testing”.  AHHH!  Straight into the trash.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep adorning my wreath without risking cancerous side effects.  I’m thinking of adding corkscrewed pieces of hemp cord to give it a more natural look.  I hope I actually finish this one, I have so many other projects on the burners.



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