Fall Wreath: SunKins

I’m currently laid up with a nasty kidney infection, so what else is there to do?  That’s right, watch British comedy/drama and craft some wreaths.  I’ve been making autumn wreaths out of felt lately.  I made one for our front door about a week ago. I chose the more traditional Fall motif with acorns and leaves.  I think it turned out well.  This time, I’m going to make one with pumpkins and sunflowers.  It’s the SunKins wreath!

They are very easy to make, but take some time.  I bought a couple of straw wreaths from my local superstore, along with felt and embroidery floss.  Then, I pretty much just browse the internet (aka Google) for “felt pattern cutout pumpkin/sunflower” and click on the “Images” tab on the left hand side.  Next, I choose a pattern that I think will work best and print that sucker out.  Finally, lots and lots of tracing and cutting.  There’s no way to get around this aspect of the wreath crafting business.  I have to hand cut out all of the little pieces.  In all honesty, it is kind of relaxing.  Although I do need a much better (and maybe smaller) pair of scissors.

After I’ve cut all the pieces out, I decide how I’m going to put each individual piece together (such as how to arrange the leaves on the pumpkin).  Putting them together requires thinking about some added color.  Another tedious, but rewarding aspect of this project is sewing each piece together, or just outlining it.  I like to outline each piece in a coordinating color of embroidery floss.  I might try some yarn.. but maybe not.  My yarn stash is sacred.

Anyways, here is a picture of what I have so far:


The pumpkins are finished: embroidered and pieced together.  The sunflowers on the other hand..  I’m still trying to figure out a good way to do that.



After I put a bunch of these around the wreath with some kind of felt greenery (leafy vine?), I’m going to make a scarecrow face and hang it in the middle.  I also need to glue some leftover leaves and acorns onto the top of some clothespins to make my mail-holders a little more festive… and my mailbox festive at the same time.

More pics and updates to come!




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