It Is Time To Move..

..maybe to another country?

Oh yes, this is a “vent” post so if you don’t want to read someone else’s frustrations in life then look away now.  You have been warned.

I am actually fairly easy going when I am not being an uptight bitch.  I know that sounds strange, but it’s true.  I have been applying myself to try and be less uptight, as of late.  I have finally discovered that I may  not actually be the main problem.

“Oh bother,” you may be saying, “not another person that finds the easy way out by blaming everyone else instead of looking at themselves to find the problem.”

On the contrary, I have been doing a great deal of so-called “soul searching” and have discovered that my attitude does stink sometimes, that I care far too much about what others think, and that I have a difficult time being emotionally inconvenienced.  That being said, these are not the only problems.  In fact, they seem like smaller problems in comparison with other’s attitudes because I can control my attitude.  I cannot, however, control everyone else.  This realization has truly opened my eyes.

I have discovered that a lot of people as of late seem to have forgotten (or were never properly taught) about consideration, basic manners, and that you have to actually work to get through life.  I know, I know.. how dare I expect to be treated with the same level of respect that I dish out to everyone else.  It’s inconceivable I tell you!   The world revolves around the Sun.  That’s right, not around you.. the Sun. Shocker, I know. Enough with the sarcasm, down to the nitty-gritty.

You see, at first I though that perhaps other people simply did not know.  I did not think them stupid, I thought them ignorant. The difference being that a stupid person knows better but does not care, and an ignorant person just does not know better to begin with.  Well, it’s kind of a mix.  After further investigation, I have discovered that not only do people possess a high level of ignorpidity (ignorance + stupidity), but they are also arrogant bastards.

Lately, everything I say or do.. in fact, nearly every response or reaction to another person must be because of them. And it must be because I have negative feelings or thoughts about them that I am behaving this way towards them.  Honestly, the truth is not so fantastical.  I usually respond the way I do because A) there are things going on in my life which you don’t know about (and it’s none of your damn business to begin with) or 2) because I thought your intentions were positive to begin with.. but nope.. looking more negative by the minute.

That’s pretty much it.  I guess I am tired of assuming other people’s actions and behaviors have a positive connotation when it turns out the opposite is true MEANWHILE they are busy assuming my actions and behaviors have a negative one, while the opposite is true.  But hey, if you can be an asshole I can be one right back.


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