Scarecrow O’ Felt

I completed another aspect of my SunKins wreath: my first, bona-fide felt scarecrow head.  That may sound rather scary, conjuring up images of decapitated pumpkin heads placed on zombie scarecrows, but I assure you it is nothing of the sort.


At any rate, I am making another Autumn wreath with pumpkins and sunflowers.  I talk about that in more detail IN A RECENT POST.  To make the SunKins wreath more festive, I decided to make a felt scarecrow head and hang it so that it is in the middle of the wreath.  Trust me on this.


ScareCrow Head Side One

The scarecrow head is double-sided.  I made it so that if the thing turns in the wreath, which it will probably be apt to do, you will still see the same scarecrow head.


The other side

Or at least the head will look similar to the other side.  I did my best to make them exactly the same, being sure to use the same style of stitching throughout.  I found it difficult to do because I made a rather large blunder in stuffing the head and sewing it up before I put on any of the details!  That’s right, I had to finagle a way to sew all of the little bits (rosy cheeks, nose, etc.) onto the face without showing the tail knot of the thread.  It took some ingenuity, but I think I did a decent job.

My new hot glue gun came in mighty handy when trying to apply the pieces of raffia to make the hair.  Even with that, though, I still did not feel comfortable leaving it until I stitched the “hair” in place.  On a down-side, I did make the hat a little.. piratey.  I guess I’ll just have to call him Captain Jack Scarecrow.

Also, a side note when making any craft that requires “googly-eyes”.  Do not, I repeat.. DO NOT ever tell your husband that this is what you call them.  I spent the better part of the evening in conversations that my husband carefully laid out so that I would have to, yet again, utter the phrase “googly eyes”.  Which led to him giggling while I defensively demanded that it was, in fact, the correct term for them.  It certainly didn’t help when I misplaced them.  I wandered the small apartment asking him, “Have you seen my googly eyes?” or “Where on earth are my googly eyes?”, “I swear I had my googly eyes right here a second ago!”  And on, and on, and on.




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