Grass growing like weeds

And not that kind of grass.

A couple of weeks ago, our little kitten Loki got into the Philodendron that was kept on the floor.  He nibbled a piece of it off and proceeded to act very sickly.  Out with the bad plant and in with some good ones.  I tried planting some tall grass directly from my garden, which worked as a temporary situation.  It not only forced me to finally weed my garden, but also allowed me to (hopefully) bring in some edible plants for the cats.  But Loki kept knocking the pot over, which killed the plant.

Solution?  Wal-Mart of course!  Everything is at Wal-Mart.  Pretty soon they’ll be selling mail-order brides.  I digress.

I found a neat little ‘DIY” of sweetgrass.  It came with grass seeds (duh), soil, and a flimsy plastic “pot”.  It looked like something you would keep bait in.  So I ditched the plastic and put the rest in my taller, green pot.  Well, Loki still kept knocking it over which prevented the grass from rooting and, therefor, prevented it from growing.

New solution, put the pot on the counter.  The cats are not allowed on the counter so this is a good place for the grass to grow until it’s tall enough for them to eat.  Albeit, the counter is small and already crowed with small appliances (as seen in the photos), but it worked anyway. And boy did it grow!


I took this picture yesterday morning



I took this picture yesterday evening

I think the grass grew half an inch in 12 hours.  Sweet! .. uh sweetgrass 🙂

Not only is the grass growing at phenomenal speed, it actually has dew on it!


Dew on the grass

Maybe I should grow a “grass bathmat” so I can walk on fresh dew every morning after I take my shower..  maybe not.

Hopefully, once the grass gets a wee-bit taller, I can put it on the ground and Loki will eat it and not knock it over.  ‘Cause I’m getting attached to my little pot of grass and I’d hate for it to die *sad face*.


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