It’s a Verde kind of Day

Verde = Italian for “Green”

The grass I planted to help out the kitty cat’s digestive issues has taken off like .. well.  . a weed.


The cats, especially Loki the Kitten, like to “mow” it every now and again (as Hubby puts it).  Loki will bite a piece off, chew on it a bit, and then spit it on the floor.  I guess it must be like losing the flavor in your chewing gum.  He only seems to like either the bottom and middle, or the top and middle parts of the grass blades.  Once he’s eaten to the middle, pa-too-ee.  It looks like the pot is shedding grass, but it’s really just the work of our resident kitty artist.

Since taking the above picture, the grass has started to splay out more.  It looks like someone stepped on it.  I need to get a sign for the pot that says, “Do NOT step on the grass!”  Heehee.  Too cute.

At any rate, I actually keep it on the floor now, but I couldn’t get a good picture unless I put it back on the counter. If you’ll notice from previous pictures, the grass has grown above the length of the automatic can opener in the background.



I actually love this so much, I might start growing it instead of the other house plants that I seem to kill.  I haven’t watered this much, it seems to be absorbing water from the air in our apartment which is overly saturated in moisture.  I wonder if a lot of these “plants” would work as a dehumidifier of sorts?  Hmm, would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

That’s not the only thing that’s green around here.  I’m still working on my blanket.  I have learned a lot of things from making this blanket, the most important of which is that I will never make a granny square blanket again unless it is one giant square.  It is so much extra work to make the individual squares, piece them together, and then outline the whole blanket.  I already have plans to try a striped blanket and can’t wait to get started.  I guess I should finish this one first..

Anywhoo, I like to make yarn balls out of the skeins of yarn that I buy.  This way, I can see any deformities in the yarn and (hopefully) fix them before I use them.  I have noticed more and more that there are tiny knots in the yarn where the yarn factory decided to join the end of one piece of yarn to the beginning of another.  I don’t mind these too much as I can usually hide them in my work.  However, the idea that they seem to happening with more frequency makes me wonder if they are having higher turnover rates at the yarn factory.  A yarn factory!  I’d love to work at a yarn factory… Mmmm, yarn.

Uh, yeah.  So I made my yarn ball out of my green skein of yarn and I noticed something.  I had made a cool pattern with my yarn ball!  I must share.


I’ve usually done something like this with my yarn balls in the past, but not this symmetrical.  I love it so much I almost didn’t want to unravel it to use on my blanket.  Sweet yarn ball!

Incidentally, my husband is aware of (and taken aback by) my very obvious yarn addiction.  He has coined terms for me such as: “yarngasm”, “yarnaholic”, and “yarnsane”.  I love him so much 🙂


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