A Petition for Accountability


Yes, this is the Internet and people will post whatever they want.  That is no excuse to not be able to demand that certain pages that are targeted at specific groups and disguised as “humor” be taken down.  This includes such groups as race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, etc.

Demand that FaceBook hold these people accountable for the pages they create and that FB does not, in turn, perpetuate such nonsense.  There is a difference between entitlement and right.  These people have the right to free speech.  Unfortunately, like most of us Americans, they believe that entitles them to select groups of people to harass.  It does not.  These pages are the equivalent to the “Whites Only” signs from our murkier days past.  It is important to keep up the fight for EQUALITY.  For all, and in all respects.



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