Christmas Crafting

Oh yes, it’s time to get ready for Christmas!  I actually should have started earlier, but then that’s true most years.  This time, however, there’s a little more to get done.  I’m making a Mario themed Xmas tree!  I already have the tree topper done.  It is the Invisibility Star from the Mario video games.  I got the idea from The Mad Hooker’s website, but she didn’t offer a pattern.  Instead, she just tried to explain how she did it.. without a pattern.  Sigh.  I guess I am a more advanced crocheter than I thought because I was able to make a pattern of my own from her explanation!  I am awesome.. and modest.

At any rate, I finished the pattern and the outcome was fantastic!  I am so pleased because as of late I have had difficulty getting patterns to come out the way I had hoped.  A great start to a long project.  I still have to add the finishing touches.  I am going to crochet a short strand of flashing lights around the outside of the star and plug it into the top of the tree so that it will flash.. like the star in the game!  I also plan on buying one of those greeting cards with the “record your message option”.  I’m going to tear the guts out, record a .midi version of the Mario theme onto it, and put it in the star.  My tree will sing the Mario theme!

Mario Star

I have also been working on the 1-up mushrooms.  I am going to make a “Mushroom Garland” of 1-up and PowerUp mushrooms.  Red and Green!  The ornaments will include: Fire Power Flowers, black and red BomBombs, Bullet Bills, Stars, and maybe a block or two.  I hope to be able to get my hands on some simply gold wrapping paper so I can make the presents look like coin blocks.  I am also going to get some basic brown paper wrapping paper and make some of the presents look like brick blocks.

I am so super excited!  I truly hope that the outcome is as wonderful as my imagination has it laid out to be.  I am trying not to get ahead of myself.  I must remember to focus on each little piece and allow them to create the outcome, not worry so much about it being “absolutely perfect”.  Sigh.. so much easier said than done when you have OCD, but I am doing great so far!

It was hard to find the patterns for these elements to the tree, and some of them I am having to make (like the star).  But I am determined and excited.  I have already come up with other uses for the patterns I am making.  I could turn the stars into a baby mobile by adding some moons and clouds.  “Starry Night” I think I’ll call it.  I really want to make a giant star pillow because it is just so darn cute.  Sigh, it will have to go on the long list of crafts I want to start.



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