Hiking in the Cold

Last week, Hubby and I had a day off together.  Miracle of miracles!  Our schedules hardly allow us to have days off together.  We decided to take advantage of this by going for a hike.  We had planned on going out of town and hitting a State Park, but the weather turned suddenly cold and the idea just didn’t stick.  Instead, we opted for our local paths at Hudson Park.

It wasn’t a “chill you to the bone” kind of cold day, but we had just gone from 70 degree weather down to 50 or 40 degree weather.  I was reluctant to drag my coat out of the closet, but we were determined to hike come Hell or high water!  When we got there, we discovered some kind of Halloween festival going on.  We chose to skip it and head straight for the trails.  Like I said, it was cold and we were there to hike!

We started out going around the lake, to try and figure out how to access the path down into the woods.  One of the funny moments of the day was shared when we walked past the wooden gazebo and it let out huge groans.  Oh yea, the wind was blowing something awful.  It gusted and the gazebo complained.  We both jumped and began looking around for a giant bull frog or air horn.  Awesome laugh shared when we realized what it was.

We finally found the very steep entryway into the wooded paths and began to do what we came for: Hike!  Immediately, I saw great photo opportunities.  The nasty storms and winds had knocked some trees over and I was able to capture a picture of this tree’s rings.

Tree Rings

After walking a short distance, we noticed another photo op.  Someone had carved strange initials into a tree.

Carved Initials

We stood there for a few minutes trying to decipher just who it could be.  A pop culture references perhaps?  We continued on our way.  There were some beautiful blue grasses growing but I didn’t dare get a picture of them.  They were thorny and looked as if they could cause serious irritation to the skin.  I tried taking pictures of them from afar, but all I had was my phone camera and it didn’t do any good.  Ah well, on with the hike!

After walking down the twisting path a bit, we came upon a fork in the road.  We would have probably stood there bickering about which way to go and about neither of us being able to make decisions.. but it seems that Nature made the decision for us.  We were going left!

Fallen Tree

We probably could have gotten around this one, but it seemed like a good enough excuse to not stand there bickering about deciding which way to go.  Despite the temperatures and the gusts of wind, we were really having a good time.  It was nice to spend some time outdoors, spend time with Hubby, and finally get that Hiking off the list of things to do.  An added bonus was that it was Autumn, so there were a myriad of wonderful colors about.

Red Bush

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a picture of a “Fire Bush”.  I love these!  We actually have a few around town that are much fuller, but this one had gorgeous color to it.  A good thing too, my back was hurting something awful and we had to turn around about this point.  I should have taken my cane, but I can never tell what kind of mood my spine will be in.. and I’m stubborn.

We emerged from the steep path we had used to enter, but turned right towards the park instead of going back around the lake. The park outside the wooded paths has beautiful flowers alongside.  I couldn’t help but take a picture of the roses.  I opted to show you the only red rose bush that was there.  It was funny to see a line of light pink roses around the park and then BAM!, red.  I think someone planted the wrong color, but it was pretty.

Red Rose

That was our hiking adventure for the Fall Season.  I hope we get to go hiking in a State Park this Winter.  It all depends on our schedules and our budgets.. and the weather.  Here’s to a mild winter and a healthy holiday season!


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