Crafty Times

These past couple of weeks I’ve been doing lots of crochet projects.  I have been trying to work on that Mario-themed Xmas tree but I also have some other projects going on. And I have pictures!
First off, I made my first ever commissioned piece.  Yay!  A coworker asked me to make a pillow version of the MegaMan ETank for his friend’s birthday.

The E-Tank in MegaMan was used by MegaMan to regain energy.  Here’s what an ETank looks like:


Here is what the pillow turned out to looked like:


I used silver, blue, and black yarns and stuffed it with polyfill.  The “E” is actually crocheted into the piece, not embroidered or patched onto it.  I had a limited time to make it so I opted for simplicity.  I was happy with the result and my coworker loved it.  Even better?  I think that some other people want me to make things for them.  I am loving this.

Along with this, I’ve been working on clearing out some of my older projects to make room for new ones.  I have a current off/on project that has taken far too long.  It was meant to be a blanket but I have decided to take what Granny Squares I have and turn them into pillows.  I have about 40 Granny Squares total so I think I’ll be able to make a lot of friggn’ pillows!

Loki and Squres

Most of the squares are outlined in white because I was going to piece them together and have a boldly colored blanket that contrasted against the white.  But it took far too long to make just half the blanket.  Time to turn it into something else.  Pillows it is.

Blue Green Pillow

This is the front of the cover thus far and the pillow I have made to fit it.  I say “made” but I actually took a large bed pillow, cut it in half, took out some of the polyfill and stitched it shut.  I hope to have the pillow finished tomorrow.  I also have squares that aren’t lined in white and a beautiful mutli-colored yarn to match them up with.  Sooo excited!  I hope to get enough finished and sell on an Etsy store.  I would love to make some extra money doing what I love to do.




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