Craft Overload

I made a hug mistake.  I brought my craftiness to work with me. Now, I have people asking for projects.  Okay, maybe that’s not the real problem.

I love to crochet and knit and it’s great fun to make money doing it.  The problem is not that people are asking me for things, the problem is that I am new to this so I don’t know 1) how long each project will take to complete so I can give the person an accurate finish-by date and 2) how much to charge.  I also have issues with asking people for money.. even if it’s for something legitimate, like a craft I made for them . . to buy.  Yes, it is odd but there it is.

With all that out in the open, I have been on craft overload lately.  This is in part because Christmas is fast approaching and because I am taking on more projects from my coworkers.  I am also trying to still fit my own projects into the gaps.  So I’ve decided to put things into perspective by making a list of what (and possibly by when) I still need to create.

  • Granny Square Pillows (I gave up on my Granny Square blanket and am turning them into pillows.  I’m not sure it’s saving me on the work load, but I am seeing results much sooner.  I don’t have a due date for these, but I am making money off of them so the more I get done, the better.)
  • Mario-themed Christmas Tree (This is actually: Mushroom ornaments, Flower Power ornaments, Star Topper, etc. I would like to have this all done by the first or second week of December. If I don’t get them done this year, I can slowly make them for next Xmas.)
  • Star Pillow and ornament for coworker (Needs to be done in 3 days.  I think I am getting an extension on this one. Having a lot of difficulty with the pattern.)
  • Possible baby blanket and pillow for coworker (No due dateyet)
  • Possible monogrammed baby blanket for coworker (Possibly started on Dec 10th)
  • Unfinished blanket from a few years back (No due date)
  • Unfinished scarf for myself (Would like to get it done before the snow flies)
  • Unfinished scoodie for relative (Needs to be done by January of 2013)
  • Not even started blanket that I’ve wanted to start for a year or so now (No due date)
  • Xmas present Amigurumi for relative that I haven’t started yet… (Due by Jan)

So that’s pretty much it.  That is my boulder-sized yarn ball I’ve been carrying around on my shoulders.  I think I need to hold off on the Xmas tree until next year to give myself less stress.  The scarves shouldn’t be too hard to do and the blankets will be knitted.  I’ve been doing a lot of crochet as of late, so knitting will seem like a mini-vacation.  Here’s to hoping I can get it all done or learn to manage things a bit better!



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