Home Sick – Vent Session

I get sick a lot.  Hmm.. actually, I am never usually well enough for a long or short enough period of time to get sick again, I’m just still sick from before.  Before being months ago.  Yo-yoing between barely able to function and feeling well enough to function as long as I take lots of vitamins and get some rest has taken it’s toll.  I am down for the count.  Before y’all start hollering at me about not getting my flu shot this year, let me point something out: you have to not be sick to get the damn thing to begin with.  What kind of sense does that make?  I’m sick all the time, so no flu shot for me.  I should probably look into some immune boosting remedies.  I really hope I don’t get the actual, full blown flu this year.

“What’s so bad about the flu?”, you may ask.  Well kiddos, the flu is an upper respiratory disorder that likes to mutate into nasty variations fairly quickly.  It is adept at avoiding annihilation, which is why it has lasted for as long as it has.  This is also why A) we have to get a flu shot each year (each year we are getting a shot for a different flu strain/mutation) and B) why we can’t just irradiate or “cure” the damn thing.  We might get rid of one or two strains, but the flu bugger likes to mutate and VOILA! New flu bug.  It really is kind of marvelous from a scientific viewpoint.  From a flu-sufferer viewpoint, it sucks syphilitic donkey balls.

“Yeah but, you get the flu, you throw up for a few days, you’re all better, right?”  Nope. The flu does not directly make you toss your cookies.  That would be a rotavirus.  These pesky intestinal viruses are often mistaken for the flu and have even led to the misleading term of the “stomach flu”.  That’s not to say that the flu bug can’t make you wanna hurl indirectly.  A lot of mucus and a nasty feeling set of lungs can often lead to nausea.  Not to mention that the flu likes to make you dizzy and that’s one thing our inner ear just won’t stand for.  In an attempt to right the situation, the body can “over correct” and make us sick to our little bellies.

All that in consideration, I tend to get things like Bronchitis and Pneumonia fairly easily.  If I were to get the actual, full-blown flu.. I would probably end up with one of those two.  This would lead to me missing more work, stressing more about bills going unpaid.. etc, etc.  I truly do not want to go through all that, although it may be a blessing in disguise.  How so?  Because I work at a place that gives two little rat pellets about it’s employees.  The stress levels are higher than necessary because there is no teamwork effort, favortism runs rampant, and the people in the offices have no clue what is going on in the actual factory itself (not that they bother to find out, or care, or have a better set of standards).  On top of all of this, the air ducts haven’t been cleaned in ages and constantly going from hot to cold is not so good for the immune system.  Time to find somewhere else to work.

While we’re on the subject of work, what is going on lately?  It seems like many people do not want to actually work.  They want to find excuses why other people should do their work for them.  I never thought I’d be someone to blame the generations behind me that are coming up, but holy metal rocks Batman!  These people don’t know the meaning of actual work.  Not to say they are all like that, I know some young people that are very hard workers.  I also know some older people that have a high “entitlist” point of view.  I just don’t understand how they can’t see that if we all did our fair share and helped when and where it was actually needed – things would be much simpler and less stressful.  AAAHHH!

Deep breaths.  Breathing is good for you.  I have been trying to incorporate into my lifestyle things that promotes de-stressing.  I have been working hard to eat better, exercise, and take vitamins on a daily basis.  This isn’t making much of an impact, though.  I need to actually stop worrying so much, stop getting so worked up about things I cannot change.  Aha.. therein lies the problem.  I am a worrier, perfectionist, and logical thinker.  These are not good qualities to possess in this area.  People work on the rules of favortism, entitlement, and intimidation.  These are not my rules.  It is probably time to find an area that I belong in a little better.

In all honesty, I’m not sure this area exists.  I’ve heard what other people dream about if they would win the lottery.  They would go on vacations, set themselves up in luxury homes, etc.  I think I would buy a town.  Yup, go out to Montana where the land is like $10 an acre and buy it up.  Start a few factories, an adult-education center and get a town going with positive values.  Invite people to work in my factories who actually want to work and who want to grow and learn.  Fantasy Island, stop two *ding ding*.  Yea, never gonna happen.  I guess I will have to learn to try and get along with all these people who don’t want to work.  I will have to exert more effort into building patience.. and focus on the positive things and people in my life.  So much easier said than done.  So totally not gonna happen.




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