You Might Have SAD If..

Oh my gosh, another SAD post?!  I just posted one the other day.  How dare I post two entirely different posts, with the exact same subject, and in such close proximity to one another.  I am going straight to Hell!  Actually, a nice place to visit in the Winter.

At any rate, yes this is another post about SAD so if you don’t like hearing about it, don’t read it.  Warning cited.

The weather in Ye Olde Timey Towne of the MidWest has gotten to be a little too Wintery for my tastes.  The sky is not full of clouds.  It is full of one, massive, all encompassing cloud that blocks out the sun and somehow still manages to give you a headache.  (Actually, what little rays of sunshine do poke through end up bouncing off the Earth, off the clouds, and back to the Earth again.  This can lead to cloudy days being somehow more difficult on the eyes than sunny ones.)  This giant mass o’ cloud has also decided to let the snow fly.  It’s not a lot of snow. In fact, if you blink you might miss it.  The only way I know it’s snowing is when I have to begrudgingly go out to my car to run another errand and there’s a teeny snow pile on my windshield wipers.  But it still counts so I’m going to exaggerate and complain about the snow.

This type of cloud formation makes my SAD act up something awful.  In nicer weather, it wouldn’t be quite as bad because I would be lulled outdoors by aromatic scents, gorgeous scenery, and warm breezes.  In the Winter, however, I am pushed even further into my cave by freezing temperatures, cold gusts, and barren landscapes.  A week or so of all this and it’s going to take a forklift to get me out of bed.  Not because of any weight I will gain, but just because I will refuse to budge.

With all this in mind, I have been noticing a lot of patterns developing about what is making my SAD so bad this time of year.  Listen up because this is definitely NOT groundbreaking in any way.  Just having a bit of fun.  Ahem.

You Might Have SAD If You..

  1. Sleep 10 hours and still complain about having to get out of bed in the morning.  The perfect comfy bed is a trap, I tell you!
  2. Don’t care if you eat or shower, you just want to stay in bed or on the couch.  I should add that you try to connive others into getting you food so you can keep your fat, SAD-ridden ass on the couch.
  3. Have a blanket that can now hold a crescent roll shape on its own from you being wrapped up in it so long.  I should sell them as sculptures.
  4. Have become a permanent fixture for you cats to climb and sit on.  They think I’m some new kind of neo-modern cat deco.
  5. Must rest after taking a shower, getting dressed, and putting your coat on in order to go outside.  Dude, it takes soooo much energy to just put my pants on.  Seriously.
  6. Walk out the door and promptly turn around.  Another dollar on that video won’t matter.
  7. Go through cycles of not eating and binging on junk food.  Especially ice cream.  Give me the ice cream or I’ll.. do nothing cuz I’m not kidding anyone, I’m too damned depressed to get off this couch right now.  Just give me the ice cream.
  8. Forget people’s names while talking to them, mid sentence.  I have seriously been doing this A LOT lately, at work to boot.  Who are you again?
  9. Finally get the oomph to do housework only to go into a lunatic rage about how filthy the house has gotten.  This uses all your oomph so you sit your fat ass back down.  I did this earlier. The dishes are still soaking in the sink.  Yeah.. they’re soaking.
  10. Have to do things specifically designed to keep you awake.  I find that video games helps a lot with this one.
  11. Last of all, you can’t crochet or knit because your brain is so fried from SAD that you can’t keep track of the stitches.  I have torn out my star pillow twice now.  I’m not sure when/if it will get finished.

It has been a while since I’ve had such a severe episode of SAD . I believe that a lot of it has to do with circumstantial stressors that I am going through right now.  You know, the usual: budget (or lack thereof), a crappy job, no social life, etc.  Last year, I was in school and that was a tremendous distraction.  I guess I need some deadline oriented tasks.  I was doing crochet on a deadline, but my carpal tunnel has begun to act up as of late.  I need to go back to school, but what for?

My options thus far are Human Resources (because the HR at my current place of employment is so abominable and because I have a partial HR-oriented degree), Medical Assistant (because my partial degree in Healthcare Admin with a focus in HR was medically oriented as well so maybe I could finish that part of it), or Certified Surgical Tech (because seeing the insides of people really intrigues me).  I was a Housekeeper at the local hospital for five plus years so seeing that kind of stuff doesn’t bother me.  I’ve seen far worse.  My brother just started dating this chicka who’s a CST and the stories are fascinating.  I would love to get paid to be able to do that. Then again, I’m not sure I want to go back into the healthcare field.  It is stressful in many, many ways and I’m not sure I’m up for it right now.  I am plagued by indecision!

I guess being plagued by indecision is one of the lesser plagues out there.  It definitely pales in comparison to the Ebola Virus.



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