Weird Dream

I have weird dreams.  I have dreams that Stanley Kubrik would be jealous of.  They are bizarre and extremely strange.  Last night was no exception.

It started off with me working as a Housekeeper again at the local hospital (where I used to work as a housekeeper).  Only, the set up of the building was a little different.  There were just a ton of small rooms that were offices or were empty.  There were a few Nurse’s Stations, but no patients or patient rooms.  I remember walking past one room in particular and it was totally empty except for three things:  An overly large desk and two coworkers that I used to butt heads with quite a bit.  The meaning was clear, these coworkers thought they were bosses.  Ok, moving on which I did in the dream.  I went down the hall and lo and behold, there was my apartment with Hubby.  It turned out that I was pregnant  (which I am not now and have never been).  I was getting “prepped” for labor.  This included going down to one of the Nurse’s Stations and having them stick me with a giant needle in my arm.  Then some doctor came out (whose name I can’t remember) and talked to me about the labor.. in strange words.  Like it being a breeze, it’ll be over before I know it, etc.  Then I found out that I actually had four other children!  Four!

I guess there’s not much pain in the dreamworld because next thing I know, I have a baby.  And four other kids.  Hubby and I are walking outside to our Winnebago.  What?  Yeah, I guess we’re going on vacation and I can afford a Winnebago on a Housekeeping salary.  (This is probably from watching that John Pinette skit where he talks about a Winnebago) All of a sudden, a storm that is unmatched in force rolls in and begins to literally roll the Winnebago about the parking lot.  I remember trying to keep all of the children upright while simultaneously trying to get the goldfish out of the bowl and into a sandwich baggie full of water.  Say what?  Well, I was talking about the movie the Cat in the Hat with Hubby last night.

Throughout all of this, another strange thing is happening.  My husband, kids, and I are turning from white to black.  Yes, we are changing races.  Suddenly, we are Michelle Obama and Denzel Washington driving through storm-ravaged cities.  We end up in Chicago which has become  a kind of refuge.  It later begins to actually break off into Lake Eerie and a whole other slew of events takes place.

We are suddenly on a large city like barge that we almost walk right off of.  We are saved from Erica Badu who is a soothsayer for this new city.  It turns out that she’s the girlfriend of a man that does the dirty work for another man, one who wants to take over the city and does so through pretty low means.  He kidnaps the children and puts them to work, doing anything.  Scavenging, building, running errands, etc.  We are now in a fight to save our own children when I wake up.


This is not one of the most bizarre dreams I have ever had, but it was still pretty odd.  Anymore, I’ve learned to wake up, say “Meh”, and move on with my day.  However, I do find that if the dreams are terribly bizarre (like the one with fireball wormholes in outer space), then I feel physically and mentally drained upon waking.  I guess my subconscious and consciousness can’t stop talking at night.  Shut up and let me get some sleep, dammit!



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