A Little Asistance..

..for a little kitty.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the charity, donation site.

I am asking for help in getting a very sick kitty to the Veterinarian’s office. He has taken with severe upper respiratory and lower G.I. symptoms. He is constantly wheezing, laying about, and looking quite sickly. Today I noticed that he has begun to lose weight. I had hoped he would fight off this infection on his own, but his little kitty body just can’t do it.


Loki, the sickly

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hubby and I both work hard, but are still struggling to stay afloat financially. Thanksgiving was cancelled, Christmas has been cancelled, and now one of the furry ones is ill. Please help, even just $1 will make a huge difference.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  We have had to put Loki on a liquid diet as this seems to be all he can keep down.  Lots of chicken broth right now and tonight we are going to try feeding him some baby food.  Tomorrow, I am going to be calling area-wide Veterinary schools to see if they will check him out for little to no cost.  I will also be calling local Veterinary offices to see if I can set up payment plans or clean kennels instead of paying.  Please donate or send positive vibes to our little sick furry one.  Thank you again.


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