Update: Loki’s Vet Visit

Today I was finally able to take our sick kitty, Loki, to the Veterinarian‘s office.  I had to find a different one to go to because I didn’t like the one in town anymore.  I was able to find a trusted Vet and in a town nearby, albeit in the next state. I had to get up pretty darn early too (8am) in order to get there in time, but it was all worth it!

Loki the Kitten has an Inflammatory Bowel Disease and a nasty upper respiratory infection.  I thought it was funny that the Vet kept calling it an upper resp-aye-ratory infection instead of an upper res-pur-ratory infection.  (Those are phonetic spellings, people.)  Other than that, she was great.

Loki made quite a mess in the carrier on the way to the Vet’s.  He’s been having some serious bowel issues, as you can imagine.  The Vet was great and actually cleaned my carrier out for me while she talked and then put fresh newspaper inside.  Wow!  I’m impressed.  It might have been a good thing (?) that Loki was feeling so.. crappy.. because the fecal matter was just that much easier to collect for testing.  The only probing Loki had to endure was the thermometer.

His testing all came back negative (no worms, ear mites, etc..) which I figured because he’s never had any of that.  She was far more worried about his frequent diarrhea and vomiting than the upper respiratory infection, for good reason.  If he’s not getting any nutrients into his system, any other infections won’t matter.  He’ll die of starvation.

So onto treatment.

No canned cat food or human food for Loki.  He is only allowed specific amounts of dry food at routine times everyday.  If the generic food doesn’t work out, then I have to start feeding him the expensive stuff (Iams or Purina One).  At least it’s cheaper than that Science Diet stuff.  Also, I have to keep out extra water.  He’s going to need more hydration with all of the loss of fluids.  So when I got home (and cleaned up Loki and the carrier again) I got out the auto waterer.  I had bought it when Shadow was an only kitty and we were gone for weekends at a time so she wouldn’t run out.  Now, it’s replacing the shallow water dish.

As for the Upper Respiratory infection, the Vet tried dosing him with some liquid anti-biotics, but he wouldn’t have any of it.  The claws came out and butterscotch flavored liquid went everywhere.  I only know it’s flavor because it got on me too.  Poor Loki, he means well but all of his belligerence just got him two shots.  One for anti-biotics and the other for steroids to help with the inflammation.

After the shots, he had a good sneezing fit which I was relieved for.  I wanted the Vet to see just how bad the infection was.  She told me that the shots would last for 14 days in his system and after that we can finally begin vaccinations.  This should jump start his immune system and he’ll stop having asthma like symptoms after the vaccines take full effect.

So I learned a lot of things today.  A small cat that isn’t feeling well can make a huge, stinky mess in an enclosed car so be prepared.  Loki doesn’t like people shoving things down his throat but he’s okay with the whole buggery thing.  And he definitely has an under active immune system.

Right now, he’s recovering on one of my afghans.  I think Loki the Kitten is going to be awfully sleepy for the next few days.  At least he should start to feel better after that.


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